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ISC Consulting Group is a leading business provider of specialized technical intelligence services to the federal government and the private sector. ISC’s experienced senior management team and technical staff are committed to the highest levels of product and process quality.  We are the experts in the Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) arena, providing unparalleled strategic, operational and tactical intelligence knowledge and technical application of Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) expertise to our customers.


To provide our staff of intelligence experts with solutions to the most difficult problems. ISC focuses on providing operational knowledge and technical expertise to our customers. Our team consists of experts in all areas of intelligence operations and has experience at all levels from tactical unit levels to Joint Staff across the military services.


Intelligence Requirements Analysis

  • Lead the review and development of Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities (DOTMLPF) requirements

  • Experts in the JCIDS process

  • Perform capability-based assessments to determine materiel requirements, and coordinated development analysis for multiple intelligence domains (SIGINT, TECHINT, GEOINT, WTI, HUMINT).

  • Review operational architectures and orchestrate spiral development

  • Develop Future Intelligence Force Design by assessing and documenting current force and future force intelligence capabilities

Multi-INT PED Operations

  • Analysis of Intelligence data

  • Process improvement

  • Technological Innovation

  • Integration and execution of Operational Mission Sets

Intelligence Support

  • Provide expertise in ISR Synchronization/Information collection (ISRS/IC) throughout the training enterprise to include gaming, simulations, lesson plans, and Programs of Instruction (POI)

  • Provide collaboration and support with the Defense HUMINT Enterprise, Academy for Defense Intelligence (ADI/DIA).

  • Lead the development of the mid to long range planning, development, resourcing, and implementation of the strategic plan for intelligence organizations.

  • Coordinate strategic documents by translating strategic concepts and vision into operational objectives and tasks to posture intelligence organizations in executing current and future operations, requirements, and activities.

  • Lead the development, collection, and management of pre-, post, and 180-day post assessment program evaluation surveys.

  • Tabulate and process survey results to form statistical conclusions on the effectiveness of the training provided and the identification of successful TTPs and those elements that may need revision and/or additional emphasis.

  • Oversee and integrate Cyber/Cyberspace training into classroom instruction to over 1,800 students annually

  • Provide Intelligence Administrative support

  • Provide Quality Assurance Office support of the training enterprise

  • Experts in intelligence training including lessons learned, training development and the development of training curriculum. 

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